Established in 2000, we are celebrating our 25th year of a fresh and personalised approach to how we learn and grow - services for all ages: relationships, family, health, educational and work.


Dr Simon Crisp & Emma Lund have over five decades of clinical experience between them


Broad range of expertise in mental health, workplace, educational and inter-personal issues.


We know people. Decades of clinical wisdom to see beyond what's known.


Team of family experts who can address multiple issues simultaneously...


Particular expertise in young people, parenting and healthy development...


Positive beginnings... a psychological and natural approach to preparing for childbirth.


Integrating positive psychology with developmental and clinical psychology approaches to enrich lives across the lifespan

WE’VE MOVED! Just down the road to 924 Riversdale Rd Camberwell / Surrey Hills

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Neo Psychology & Dr Simon Crisp

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